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Is that a plot hole I see or am I missing something?

I saw SW3 today--good flick, best of the second trilogy, although I'm still partial to the original trilogy. Some of the dialogue was a bit wooden (as was some of Hayden Christensen's acting), but overall, it brought things full circle fairly decently.

I've got a question for anyone who's more of a Star Wars geek than I am, though. (Note: If you haven't seen the movie, then maybe you'd better stop reading here.)

Last I knew, Anakin and his mom were all alone in the world, no family of record...yet at the end, Yoda and Obi-Wan send baby Luke to live with "his family". Yes, I know that in the original (aka #4), it was established that Luke lived with his aunt and uncle, but how the hell COULD he have an aunt and uncle if Anakin and his mother had no relatives? Even if one assumes the possibility that Yoda and Obi-Wan had found some long-lost relatives at some point, there was never any reason for them to hide that fact from Anakin, so he would have had to know of their existence--and if he DID know of their existence, there would always be the chance that he would make contact with them and find his son, so why leave the baby with them?

Either there's something I've missed or this is one big huge fucking plot hole. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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Owen and Beru Lars were brought up in Episode two, dear. Owen is Anakin's step-brother from when his mom marries Clegg Lars. Owen felt he owed Anakin anyways for not being able to save his step-mother. Hence why they leave Luke in his care.

That help?
Okay, that explains my ignorance--Episode Two is the only SW flick that I have never seen in entirety, mainly because I didn't like much of Episode One.

It still seems odd, though, that Yoda and Obi-Wan would place Luke with someone that Anakin might choose to make contact with, although I suppose hiding him in plain sight might be the best way to do it.

Thanks for supplying my missing info, babe; I hate plot holes, and that was just making me nuts *smooch*.