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"According to witness accounts, Joseph Delcasse collapsed and died on January 1st," a police spokesman told reporters in Port-au-Prince. "His body was taken to La Conscience funeral home, where the family paid in advance for a grave to be dug, and for an elaborate funeral service to be held at the local chapel next day. But when they arrived at the chapel, as the funeral was about to begin, they noticed that blood was dripping from the coffin, and demanded that the funeral should be stopped. They called in the police, who opened up the casket and found that Mr Delcasse's body was covered in multiple stab wounds.

"The owner of the funeral home and the gravedigger were both arrested and taken to Petion-Ville prison, where they both confessed to murder. It seems that Mr Delcasse had not been dead at all, as the family had thought, he was in a coma. As his body was being laid out in the funeral home, he had suddenly woken up, and the two men had both grabbed knives and killed him, then proceeded with laying out the body as if nothing had happened. At first, the gravedigger insisted that this was because they thought he was a zombie who had come back from the dead, but eventually the owner of the home admitted to a more prosaic motive. The funeral had been paid for in advance, the grave had already been dug, and he simply could not bear the thought of losing all that money."
(Khaleej Times, 15/1/05. Spotter: C.D. Hardbin.)

Source: Private Eye No. 1137 22 July - 4 August 2005

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